H&E – Comet X


  • 39mm Case
  • Natural Weathered Finish
  • Brass and Copper
  • Japanese Movement
  • Custom Bracelet
  • One Year Limited Warranty


See the comet?

About the Watchcraft® Heaven & Earth Collection

The Watchcraft® Heaven and Earth collection is inspired by the four basic elements (air, earth, fire, and water) and the stars and planets. The Heaven and Earth line features distressed and oxidized large metal pieces and coins of rich texture. Vintage metals, recycled washers, and antique coins no longer in circulation, bring a timeless quality to each bold and beautiful watch in this limited edition collection. Each piece in the Heaven and Earth collection is a distinct, unique watch, handcrafted and signed by artist Eduardo Milieris.

General Information about Watchcraft® Watches

Eduardo Milieris Watchcraft® watches are handcrafted from oxidized and distressed solid jeweler’s brass and are embellished with solid copper, brass, or sterling silver. As with all Milieris watches, the metals were deliberately left unsealed, enhancing the rich texture of each watch.


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